Geneva - International Hub

Since the Antiquity, Geneva has always been a crossroad among peoples, ideas and cultures. Hosting the World biggest hub for international cooperation, Geneva provides a unique multistakeholder forum, gathering:

  • Major international organizations (UN, WTO, ITU, WHO, ILO, WIPO, WMO, HCR, ICRC, UNAIDS, CERN, etc.), including the headquarters of 21 of them.
  • International experts in Economy, Trade, Science, Physics, Telecommunication, Health, Development, Intellectual Property, Climate change, Environment, Human Rights, Peace & Security, Negotiations, Standardizations, etc.
  • 200 diplomatic missions representing over 150 countries.
  • The Inter Parliamentarian Union, gathering over 140 national parliaments of the World.
  • Hundreds of international NGOs & foundations.
  • Academic resources including several universities, specialized institutes, and research centres.
  • Journalists & media from all over the World.
  • Many multinational companies.
  • Over 3’000 international conferences and meetings per year.
  • About 170’000 delegates and experts attending conferences every year.

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