Geneva Representatives Services

Representing you in international conferences

Geneva Representatives takes care of representing you in international conferences. Our representatives will relay your position and report back to you. We provide you with a fully and confidential customized team of experts matching your specific requirements and expectations to represent you in the conference.

Supporting your delegation - Work infrastructure and meetings

If you plan to attend a conference, Geneva Representatives can also support your delegations with complementary resources and skills, as well as work and meeting infrastructure for the duration of your conference, including work spaces and teleconferencing in the vicinity of the UN.

Tailor-made reporting on conferences

Each year more than 3'500 international meetings take place in Geneva. Your organisation may be interested in attending many of them but you are unable to because of high travel costs or for lack of time. We can provide you with customised reports on conferences within a short deadline.

Permanent representation service

We can provide a service of Permanent representation in Geneva, with a flexible cost structure. We take care of representing officially accredited organization in meetings and events in Geneva and we can serve as a permanent interface with the international organizations and other Geneva-based organizations.

Organizing meetings and events

Our team can support you in organizing events, meetings and conferences, including receptions.

Saving costs and time ; gaining expertise and flexibility

We offer you a flexible and cost efficient solution, saving substantial travel costs (flight tickets), stay costs (hotels, local transportations, per diems, etc.) and your time (both travel time and conference time). Moreover, we give you access to specialized resources and expertise, with an extensive knowledge of the international arena.

Certified greenhouse gas emissions savings

We provide you a great opportunity to save greenhouse gas emissions by avoiding unnecessary flights. You can contribute to protect the climate and your CO2 saving will be automatically certified by us. Our Greenhouse gas impact table will give you an idea of how much CO2 you can save for major international locations.

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