Work Infrastructure and Meetings

Work Infrastructure

We can provide you with centrally located temporary office space and work infrastructure in Geneva for the duration of your conference. Located at  less than 10 minutes walk from most international organizations,- and less than 10 minutes by taxi from the airport and from the city centre,- our infrastructure includes:

  • Multilingual PCs with English, French, Spanish, Russian, Arabic and Chinese configurations
  • Meeting space
  • Beamer, flipchart and presentation equipment
  • Internet and WiFi access
  • Colour printer and binding equipement


We can provide you with a centrally located meeting infrastructure for bilateral and small group meetings. We can provide mobile equipement for meetings, including: beamers, screens, flip charts, teleconferencing. For larger meeings, we can arrange adequate meeting rooms and conference infrastructure, as well as the required logistics support for your meetings.

Supporting events

With our team and our network of partners, we can support you in organizing different kind of events in the Geneva Lake area, from organizing receptions to large conferences.

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